Is there a way to change the defaultAppId dynamically and easily

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I know that we can configure "kibana.defaultAppId" to load a dashboard by default immediately after logging into kibana. But I don't think it's a good way, because,
(1) We have to use the dashboard Id instead of the dashboard name. It's obvious that ID doesn't make any sense to end users, instead, they only care about the name;
(2) We have to configure the kibana.yaml, and restart kibana instance to make the configuration to take effect.

So is there a REST API or GUI to let the users to configure the defaultApp without restarting kibana?


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Hello, Nopes. What you have found are the ways to do it.


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Thanks for the feedback. But I really think it's a nice feature to have.

One proposal is to add a configuration item to set the defaultAppName (not defaultAppId) in "management" --> "Advanced Settings". What do you think?

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Why don't you create an issue here?
That way - we can find out what does the community think including elastic devs :slight_smile:


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Thanks, Done,

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