How to register remote clusters in ECE


We are trying to register remote clusters from within another cluster in the same ECE instance. In elastic engineer 2, this is how we are told to register remote clusters:
PUT _cluster/settings
"persistent": {
"search.remote" : {
"germany_cluster" : {
"seeds" : ["my_server:9300",""]

The path to our elasticsearch in ECE looks more like:
https://(big long uuid) (this is not our IP)

So, for registering this, i have tried doing the above syntax we learned in engineer 2 with these as the seeds:
https://(big long uuid)
(big long uuid)

And all the above options with 9300 and 9200

How should we register remote clusters in ECE?

Hi @jthacker,

Cross cluster search is still not supported in ECE hosted deployments. We are working on the required changes in order for this feature to work in ECE as well.
We will make sure to broadcast this feature once it's added to one of the upcoming ECE releases.

Hope this helps.

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