How to remove elasticsearch indices storage completly

Hi Experts

I have configured elasticsearch on aws ec2 instance and I am keeping data of one month over ebs volume, and deleting it after every one month by using curator, but still, storage is increasing day by day.

here I am creating indices on a daily basis by using dynamic date command and deleting those all indices which are older than 30 days by using elastic curator.

elastic curator able to delete indices successfully after n days still storage is increasing.

please help me in this to manage elastic storage and remove indices completely.

Thanks in Advance.

is it possible that you are just indexing more data everyday, so that deleting data does not have that much impact?

If that is not the case, you could log into a node and check if there are open file handles on deleted files using lsof.

Does the amount of space used in the disk resemble the size of the indices. Use this to find out the disk used per node

GET _nodes/stats/indices?human&filter_path=**.store

I apologies for replying you late, below is the output of lsof |grep deleted command
output but I am not able to conclude anything out of it, could you please help me in understanding the same.

this is a deleted file in the /tmp/ dir. Just to be sure. Is the storage on the same file system or is /tmp its own filesystem?

Also, which Elasticsearch version is this?

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