How to remove the value from the legend in TSVB

I've created a number of TSVB visualizations. The latest had very large values. Which is when I noticed that the values are included in the legend. In addition, we like having the legend NOT truncated. This combination makes the legend . . . look terrible and cause the legend to show very few values and turns on the scroll bar for the legend. See screenshot below.

Is there a way to turn off including the value in the legend?

Hi @Kohlman What version of the Stack are you on?

I think if you go under panel options

Then it will look like this...

You might also look at Lens Visualization

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Hi Stephen,

Sorry I missed the notification that you responded. In the screenshot I send it was EC2 instance names. However, we have others where you really do want to see the whole name of the thing we are aggregating on.

My short term solution is to create a Lens or Aggregation based line graph using Date Histogram. In these visualizations the "values" are not included in the legend. I prefer the TSVB visualizations because you can change the index pattern name after you create it. There are also other cool features that exist for TSVB that don't exist on the others. Also, we are still in the process of creating LOTS of dashboards, so being able to File -> Save As -> Give it a new name, change the index but keep the groupings etc but change the index pattern and the metrics saves me time.

If you have any other ideas, I'd appreciate your insights.


What version are you on .. .latest lens you can change the index pattern ... and save ...

Tell Us we are listening... :slight_smile:

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