How can we add the field value to the legends in kibana visualization

I want to visualize the data by splitting on the particular field and aggregation using as count on another field. But in my visualization i need to display the count value next to the legend name.
Is there any feasibility to display the count values next to the legend names.

Each dot on each line represents a count value. Which one would you want to display next to the legend items? The latest? If so, this is something the TSVB visualization can do for you out of the box.

yes, i need the latest one here

yes, with the help of TSVB Visualization we can do. but when we mouseover the cursor then only we will see the values otherwise it is showing as zero by default.
Here my requirement is the moment when the user go to the that particular visualization page, the latest value should display next to the legends

It sounds like you may need to enable the "Drop last bucket" option in the panel options. If you're using a relative time range where the end of the range is "Now", the last bucket of data is often empty so TSVB provides this option to drop it.

Yes Bargs we can do the same thing ,but the trciky part is untill unless we place the cursor over the graph we are not seeing the count values besides the legend names.
As i already mentioned that the values should display when the page is loaded immediately

I'm not sure what you mean. TSVB will show the count next to each legend item without having to hover with the mouse. Did the "Drop last bucket" option in TSVB not work for you?

yes , its not working in my case

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