Legend not displyaing count

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I have created the time series graph using visula builder in Kibana 6.2.3.
However the legend at right side does not show the number of count. it only displays count only when I bring mouse cursor on the line graph. Then it shows the count in legend as well as in tooltip.
Why this is happening?

Note: I have read one sample file with thousand records. So the data is not coming now. The graph shows 1 hr old data. Is this happening because of that? i don't think so.

if you dont touch the dashboard, it wont show any count.


(Jon Budzenski) #2

The counts aren't a total, but an indication of the bucket size where your mouse cursor is (the y axis value). When the mouse isn't hovering it doesn't know which total you're looking for.

If you do want total counts you would likely want to create a Metric visualization in addition to this graph.

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Our purpose is to put the graph on the dashboard, and to have current count displayed.

I face the same problem in metric visualization too.


(Jon Budzenski) #4

Ah my bad. With the visualizations in TSVB (without mouse hovering) it'll give you the last bucket size in the legend. Same with metrics. The bucket size by default is "auto" so it may not be clear how long the time range is. This can be modified in the Panel Options tab.

The metrics visualization outside TSVB will give you metrics over the entire time range set in the time picker.

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