Kibana TSVB data is not displayed on legend

Hi guys , lately i installed the ELK 7.10.0 and created 2 time series graphs in TSVB , so the problem is that when i put the cursor on a point on the first graph it show me the values on the legend of that graph but not the other one ,

as you can see above i have zeros on the other graph !!
any idea what am i doing wrong or it's a bug because it used to work on ELK 7.4.0

thanks in advance.

That's surprising, I thought we fixed that bug for 7.10.0. Can you try the latest 7.10 patch release? Here is the PR which fixed the bug:

Hi @wylie , i've tried the 7.10.2 version and still it won't work !! now its shows only a number whixh is not correct !!


Oh I see! That's definitely a bug, and I will open an issue to the team.

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