TSVB empty/null fields

Hi, how can I exclude null/empty fields on TSVB (time series)?

I use cardinality, group by terms, order by cardinality, direction desc, top 50 but still got in legend most values with 0.

I have logs like HTTP, there is always IP address and additional conditio like 404, 503 etc errors. I do cardinality/order by this IP field and as above, have a lot null/empty when for example look only for 404's.

Even when I am moving over this TSVB timeline I got nice summary but I want exclude null/zero values, or just sort it because it is not even sorter what makes it little useless because of that small problem with existing zero values :(.

Can u plz explain what are the steps you have taken ? what version are you using ? I guess that you are hitting this issue - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/14537 Can u confirm if so?

But plz do explain clearly what are you facing .


I have zeros (0) in legend and use latest version of ELK. Can I somehow exclude this values with zeros from legend/summary? When I am moving mouse over this TSVB timeline I see short summary and even there are values with zeros. I can't (or I dont know how) sort it on this view to see only top values etc.

there are different values under this censorship

can I somehow don't display this with 0 or even just sort on this summary (this box near to mouse point)?

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