How to render images on Kibana 6 vs Kibana 5 within discover search results


I've been using Kibana 5 for quite some time and one of the main features I use is the ability to render images which are stored locally on disk. I use this in various saved searches - mainly in the "discover" pane.

In Kibana 5 I have the field setup as such:

Field: screenshot
Format: Url
Type: Image
Url Template: /bundles/src/ui/public/screencaps/{{value}}

The screenshot field is the unique name of each png that is stored locally on the server.

"screencaps" is a symlink'd directory to another disk on the server for the purposes of image store.

When I tried to do this in Kibana 6, no matter where I seem to store the images, with the same setup, they will not be rendered in the browser.

Has something changed? Do I need to do something differently?

I believe the directory was moved in 6.x. I use this functionality too.
I happen to use the path of: /bundles/src/ui/public/stringify/.../{{value}}.png

Make sure you put your images at {kibana home}/optimize/bundles/src/ui/public

Do Not Use: {kibana home}/src/ui/public

Ah hah. The issue was that I was putting my symlink in /usr/share/kibana/bundles/src/ui/public/ when it should have be in /usr/share/kibana/optimize/bundles/src/ui/public/.


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