How to replace "No results found" with other words or emoji

Is it possible to replace "No results found" in dashboard with other words or emoji? Even if a picture is better.

Hi, unfortunately we don't have an option to change that value directly from Kibana.
The only way to change that is to manually change the source code of kibana

@markov00, thank you for reply. I am not very familiar with kibana. Where and how can I change the source code?

It's not an easy task and also not an advised action especially if you are running Kibana in production.

If you are on a development environment, you can take a look at the source code and find and replace the string that you are looking for, better working with a Kibana directly from the source code

@markov00, thanks again. Our environment is production. And cannot be controlled by myself.

So unfortunately in this case this is not possible in a simple way without having to rebuild kibana from scratch and redeploying that in production.
In any case you are more then welcome to open a feature request on our kibana repo:

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