How to restart Kibana 5.4.0

I am exploring Kibana 5.4.0, so after updating the Elasticsearch url path in kiaban.yml file how can i restart Kibana? Currently i am restarting the complete docker container but i think there should be another way to restart Kibana.

Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

hi @nikhil_ahir,

Kibana is run by the bin/kibana process. So you should be able to terminate and restart that.

Thanks for the reply @thomasneirynck, but here i am looking for a command using which i can restart Kibana rather than finding -> killing the process and then restarting it. Is there anything like bin/kibana restart that i can use to restart Kibana.

If it's docker you need to restart the container.

Ok so docker restart is the best and recommended way. Thanks @warkolm for answering that :slight_smile:

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