Restarting Kibana

I have installed sense and now I need to restart kibana and besides finding the process and killing it I can not find a command to restart the service.

sudo service kibana restart

I feel like doesn't actually restart the service. What is the best way to restart kibana without rebooting?

What version are you on?

kibana - 4.3.1 .tar.gz installation
Elasticsearch -2.2.0 .deb installation

Since Kibana was a tar installation I issued the command:

./kibana serve restart

I understand that the port is in use(Kibana is running) but I am assuming "serve restart" is not an actual command. So what is the best command to restart Kibana?

There was no service for 4.3.X, its just calling the binary directly.
So you will probably need to kill the process and then restart it.

That did it!

@w0lverine @warkolm, I'm getting the same listen EADDRINUSE error and when i try to kill the process, (by every means I find on google), I can't seem to "kill" the process.

Any ideas? Thanks!