Restarting Kibana

(W0lverine) #1

I have installed sense and now I need to restart kibana and besides finding the process and killing it I can not find a command to restart the service.

sudo service kibana restart

I feel like doesn't actually restart the service. What is the best way to restart kibana without rebooting?

(Mark Walkom) #2

What version are you on?

(W0lverine) #3

kibana - 4.3.1 .tar.gz installation
Elasticsearch -2.2.0 .deb installation

Since Kibana was a tar installation I issued the command:

./kibana serve restart

I understand that the port is in use(Kibana is running) but I am assuming "serve restart" is not an actual command. So what is the best command to restart Kibana?

(Mark Walkom) #4

There was no service for 4.3.X, its just calling the binary directly.
So you will probably need to kill the process and then restart it.

(W0lverine) #5

That did it!

(Matthew Hartz) #6

@w0lverine @warkolm, I'm getting the same listen EADDRINUSE error and when i try to kill the process, (by every means I find on google), I can't seem to "kill" the process.

Any ideas? Thanks!

(system) #7