Kibana Server stop via Kill Process

i modified the Kibana.yml and trying to restart the server. I dont have success in killing process

here is PS-elf

how do i kill kibana server and restart the kibana so it can pick new value to connect with ElasticSearch

Is this a docker container? If so, just restart the container.

The PID is what you want to send to the kill command, which you did originally. It doesn't appear to have actually worked, which is outside the realm of Kibana. Additionally, Kibana will handle a SIGHUP by reloading the configuration kill -1 {PID}

I have deployed the docker image in kubernetes. If i restart the POD, the changes are gone.

any other options to stop the Kibana Server.

Feature request to team
- Kindly include the stopServer command in future release of Kibana which is productive for end user instead of depending on Kill command.

Any options to restart the Kibana with my changes to Kibana.yml that runs on Kubernetes.

Oh, ok - I understand the problem.

You need to either mount the kibana.yml as a volume, or probably the best route, would be to configure the hosts with an environment variable ELATICSEARCH_HOSTS. You should not be directly modifying elements inside the container and restarting processes within.

For more information:

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