How to restore the snapshot in Docker?

I have setup a cluster on the docker, and after completed taking the snapshot successfully, I am trying to simulate the scenario to restore the snapshot.

What are the steps to do so? I can't find the instructions from the manul, please help to point me to the right section.

This is what I tried but failed:
Take the snapshot on the host's directory which was mounted to all containers. and I could see the directory and files on the host's directory.
Restart the cluster and create the repository with the same name as before. The reason to create the repository is that it is possible to restore it to a new cluster where repository does not exist.
It could not find the snapshot.

Why is that?


I found the root cause. It was due to the incorrect information provided in the repository of the new cluster. It has to be exactly the same as the old one and it will recognize it automatically.

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