How to rollback Beats and Apm-server?

Hey everyone!

I am planning to upgrade my cluster from version 7.3.9 to 8.3 (or the newer) but I have to have a rollback plan in case if things go wrong.

I could find the rollback process about Kibana and Elasticsearch, but I can not find the ones related to Beats and Apm Server.

It comes to my question: is it possible to downgrade beats and apm? What is the correct approach to do that?


You cannot rollback Elasticsearch or Elasticsearch once they are upgraded. The only option you have is to take a snapshot, remove and reinstall Elasticsearch and Kibana and then restore that snapshot.

Beats is a llitle easier. You will need to remove the old Beat, install the version you want and rerun the setup command.

I don't know about APM, but you would be best off making a new topic over in that category for it :slight_smile:

I'm curious, what process did you find since Elasticsearch does not support rollbacks?

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