How to run a second Kibana instance?


How can I run a second Kibana instance on the same host? I've been searching for hours but have been unable to find any answers.

I tried copying kibana.yml to kibana2.yml and change the port number to 5602 and default .kibana index to defaultindex2 but whe I tried to access myip:5602 the page doesn't load.

I'm trying to achieve some form of multitenancy where dashboards aren't visable to others. I'm also running xpack but that doesn't prevent you from seeing the dashboard (only from seeing the actual data) hence why I want to run a second instance.

Logically, what you explained should work. How are you running the two instances? Using the zip version of Kibana i suppose? What is the error you see?

Also, how are you planning to disable dashboards on the second instance? Are you building Kibana separately?

I installed Kibana using the debian package installer (not a linux expert). The error the browser shows is the page cannot be found.

What do you mean by building Kibana separately? My understanding is that all dashboards are visualizations are stored in the .kibana index. So changing the default index for the second instance means all dashboards will be stored in that index and only visible to the instance running on :5602 while the default index is only visible to :5601.

I don't think you will be able to install two versions of Kibana as a service. Using the deb or rpm version will install Kibana as a service.

Can you try the same thing by downloading the Kibana zip file and running it from two separate command lines? (Ensure that you have two different copies of the Kibana zip extract)

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Thanks. It was that simple. Both instances are running fine and both appear to be able to access xpack features as well.

Just need to figure out how to autostart this was.

Sure! You can do this using systemd.

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