Multiple kibana instance

Hi ,
i want to run multiple kibana instances on the same elastic server but i couldn't find out the solution.

There is a kibana.yml file for the configuration. i tried to change server.port parameter but it didn't work.

what should i do?



Can you describe more about the behavior you're seeing? If there's an error message can you share what it is and where you see it?

Is this something that you were looking for?

Yes. My problem is same. But i don't use xpack right now.

i don't see anything. kibana doesn't work for the new port. just copying kibana.yml and changing server.port is enough?
are there any other steps that should be taken?


Changing server.port should be all you need to do if you're running Kibana from the .tar.gz or .zip archive.

I don't think this will work if you're running Kibana as a service, such as from DEB or RPM, as explained in the discussion that @NerdSec shared.

If you need to install Kibana via DEB or RPM, I'd recommend running your second Kibana instance on another host or in another container.

Yes i am running kibana as a service in linux.
So , what is the best way to run multiple kibana instance ?

1- running kibana as container in docker?
2- running kibana from .tar or .zip archive? and also what does it mean? how kibana works in this method?




The "best" way depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

If this is for a production deployment where you need to scale out Kibana based on high Kibana traffic, then it would make sense to run Kibana on two separate hosts behind a load balancer, instead of collocated the same host where the two processes would be competing for the same resources.

If this is for some other reason, you can run two processes as containers or download two copies of the Kibana .tar.gz archive (Linux 64-bit), extract them, change server.port in their respective ./config/kibana.yml files, and run their respective ./bin/kibana scripts.

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