How to install multiple instances of Kibana

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Hi there,

How can I install multiple instances of Kibana on one AWS ec2 instance running ubuntu 14.04? My goal is to have a kibana instances for each client with its own index-pattern. I'm assuming that each kibana instance would be bound to its own port


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It is possible, but before that, a few questions.

  • Why do different clients need different index patterns?
  • Have you investigated different roles and therefore different levels of access for clients using x-pack?

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Yes we are using x-pack. But we dont want users to be able to see other user's dashboards, so we need index-patterns for each index (so each index-pattern only has one index). Even with the dashboard only role, users could still see other index dashboards. Hope thats clear. Still would love to know how to install multiple instances of kibana.


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You could create a docker image containing kibana and relevant config files and instantiate multiple containers on one EC2 instance and set them up to point to different index patterns. Then use nginx to have different subdomains point to different containers.

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