Multiple Kibana instance on the same server


Hello all,

We have 3/4 applications generating data for Kibana.
Each application have at least one dashboard with 10/12 visualizations...
So, we have 4-6 Dashboards and a lot of visualization (more then 60) and it's very difficult to manage.

If we have multiple instance on the same server, we can manage per application.
We don't want to install 3/4 kibana because we don't want to deal with the port (ex: kibanaserver.url:80/, kibanaserver.url:90/,....)

Is it possible to have :


(Magnus Bäck) #2

Sure, just set up a reverse proxy with your favorite web server. You'll obviously have to pick a unique port for each Kibana instance anyway but it won't be visible to users.



(Shivkumar) #4

I have a silly question:

Why would we require reverse proxy here.

I mean I can set up kibana on port and

I can expose port 80 to the outside world and 81 to internal users.

What is the role of reverse proxy in it.

Actually I am also looking to setup multiple instance of kibana , where one will be editable and other will be read only.


(Magnus Bäck) #5

Sure, you can set up Kibana on different ports but that wasn't what the question was about. If you want both on the same port but in different URL namespaces, as in the question, you need a reverse proxy.

(Shivkumar) #6

By running Kibana on different port , will I able to achieve my goal i.e. editable dashboard for one user and read only dashboard for another dashboard.

Thank you magnusbaeck for sharing this information.

(Magnus Bäck) #7

Yes, probably. If you want to ask how to accomplish that, please start another thread.

(Shivkumar) #8

Thank you

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