How to secure the default elastic username and password in elasticsearch.yml, logstash.yml and kibana.yml files?

I want to secure the username and password which are in plaintext in my elasticsearch.yml, logstash.yml and kibana.yml files. How can I do it? My ELK stack version is 7.10.2.

Have a look at Secure settings | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

Hello Dadoonet,

Thank you for the reply but the link doesn't mention how to add the add the default usernames and password in keystore clearly. Also once these two fields are added into the keystore, what changes are needed in the 3 yml files?

I'd just remove them from elasticsearch.yml file.

For Kibana: Secure settings | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

For Logstash: Secrets keystore for secure settings | Logstash Reference [7.12] | Elastic

Thank you Dadoonet. This is working now. Like you mentioned, I removed those fields from elasticsearch.yml file and made the changes to the other 2 yml files as described in the link and restarted my services individually.

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