How to see differences in Bar Vertical Percentage


I'm using 7.15,

I have created Bar Vertical Percentage that will show build status, the build runs 700 tests... and sometimes there are tests failures, in the visual I've created it is hard to see the failed builds, because usually it failed 2 of 700 tests or something similar, and it is not bold enough to see the builds which failed. You need to hover one by one to see the builds which failed.

Is there a better way to make it more bold in first look? (Without the need of hovering one by one)?



I would suggest changing the extents of the Y axis if you don't expect fail rate to really vary from 0.18% to 90%. What I would do would be to set it from 80 to 100 as the Y axis extent, this way the failures would be more prominent.

I'm new to Kibana, where do I change the setting you mentioned?

This PR that introduced it has a very good guide on how to set it:

we currently do not allow custom bounds for the bar visualization (especially the percentage bar) as it can create misleading visualizations (especially on percentage bar). if you change your vis type to line you can set it here at the top of your vis

(sorry for the dark mode screenshot!)

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