Sort data based on result of Vertical axis in vertical Bar graph(lens)

Hello Team,

I am new to Kibana & Elasticsearch and trying to create a vertical Bar graph(Lens) that will show top 10 failure Interfaces based on failure percentage and sort interfaces based on percentage of failure. means the interface having highest failure percentage should be at first place.

Below graph is showing me failure percentage of each interface but it sorting based on Interface Name and not failure percentage.

It is because, at horizontal axis it is ranked based on Interface Name.

Is there any way to sort based on result of vertical axis i.e Failure percentage?


With which kibana version are you working?
On the Rank By dropdown can you see other options except from Alphabetical? For example here I have selected to Rank by the metric value

@Stratoula_Kalafateli, Thanks for the quick response.

Working on v8.1.2 and seeing only two options in Rank by dropdown(Alphabetical and Rarity). Is this the issue with the version i am using?



What metric are you using? I mean for the calculation of the Failure percentage.

If you are using a formula, yes unfortunately this is not supported. Here is the issue to track this feature request [Lens] Allow client-side sorting of dimensions and legends at datasource level for all chart types · Issue #86184 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Yes, using formula to calculate failure percentage.

If currently feature is not there do we have any other way to achieve this? Like through bucket & metric(aggregation based) graphs?

When trying to create vertical bar, I can able to sort it but based on failure count and not percentage. Can we apply percentage formula using metric aggregation here instead of count?


I guess you could use Math aggregation in TSVB. Something like

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