Vertical Bar Chart Order by Percentage

I've created a vertical bar chart with Bar Mode=Percentage that aggregates 2 metrics and displays the results as a percentage.

For my buckets I'm using Terms Aggregation. And I want to get the top 10 terms ordered by Percentage.

Is there any way to do this in Kibana 4.1?

Could you include a screenshot of your visualization with all options in the vis builder expanded, so we could see your config?

Ok, here's a screenshot. First time I'm posting an image so hopefully the size and resolution are ok.

But it's easy to reproduce. Create a Vertical Bar Chart with Bar Type Percentage. Add any two metrics to the Y Axis. For the X Axis Add a Terms Metrics, Say for Top 5. The Order By Chooser offers any of the Y Axis Metrics or a single field custom metrics.

I would like to Order by Percentage ie I want the Top 5 Terms based on Percent.

So, in 4.2 there is an explicit "order by" option, but it doesn't seem to work as I expect. I filed an issue: