How to see system host missing value on kibana dashboard

I am using metricbeat to get system metrics, currently having 20-30 system on kibana dashborad, but if my metribeat.service goes down on client machine obviously i wont get that system data on kibana.
But how to identify from kibana that particular system stopped giving metrics data, i can only able to see that system count is reduces but not the system name on dashboard.

So your full machine is going down with metricbeat on it? In this case you are potentially looking for something like uptime?

No. system is up. only metricbeat.service goes down, i enabled that service but due to some issue if that service didn't start afert any system restart activity or anything.
how can i see that metricbeat.service goes down?

and all other services also? can we monitor that?

If other services are going down that you monitor with metricbeat, you will get error events send to ES and you can query for these. If Metricbeat itself goes down I think you have 2 options: Query for events not coming in, for example count query for a host and if it's 0, something is wrong. Alternative you could tail the logs of Metricbeat with Filebeat and see there that Metricbeat reported some errors.

In general I think the root cause that has to be resolved here is why Metricbeat would not start or stop. Could you share some log files?

actually metricbeat service was not getting start due to some internal network issue, its got resolved now.
but the solution you provided it will help me to monitor all other services status also.
Thanks for the help

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