How to Select only Last Day Filters in LENS

Hello Team @Marco_Liberati

When I apply the parameter "reducedTimeRange='1d'" to select values for a variable, it's currently retrieving data from the last 24 hours instead of the specific time range I want, which is from 00:00 to 23:00 hours for the last day or any chosen day.

To clarify, using the time filter (highlighted in red in below screenshot) above doesn't meet my needs because I need to display a graph using data from specific days such as N-1 Day, N-8 Day, N-15 Day, N-22 Day, and N-29 Day. This requires selecting the last 30 days in the time filter.

Please help with the option to select last day records

Hello Team, Can you please help in this one

Hello All, Got the solution please find the solution for the same in LENS sum("variable_name",kql='pw.fileheader.measCollec.beginTime > now/d-2d and pw.fileheader.measCollec.beginTime < now/d')

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