Increase interval of Lens "last value"


I've created serveral Lens visualizations with "last value" parameter. My datas are ingested once per day. The "last value" parameter of Lens visualization has an interval of 3 hours :

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 18.16.19

How can I increase that to 12/24h ? Or just use last value without a time constraint ?

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You seem to be using TSVB, not Lens. For TSVB you can select an interval for the buckets that are retrieved from Elasticsearch so you can change from the default auto (that in your case is converting into 3 hours) to any valid value.

With Lens the Last value formula does not perform any other aggregation.

In any case both visualizations are always by default constrained by the Kibana time range picker on the top right of the screen. In dashboards you can customize your time range per panel to override the global time range.

On this clip I clone an existing lens visualization (using the new metric type) to pick a very large range, so you see how the same metric can be queried for different time ranges.

Peek 2022-09-06 15-37


Indeed it's a TSVB metric not a Lens sorry...

I've tried what you showed me but :

So I filtered on the day, unfortunately the "last value" goes back to 10 minutes and not the last value on the day.

My data is updated once a day at 9am, so I really need to filter it on the same day (0 day rounded to the day)

Is there a solution for this ?

Thanks in advance

What do you have these settings set too?

Yes I have thes settings too :

You can see when I filter on "Last 0 days rounded to the day" I have an interval of "10 minutes" on the last value...

But when I filter on "Last 7 days" the "interval" of last value is set at "3 hours" :

I don't want to have this interval, I would like to have last value of the day without this interval...

Maybe I missed something...

so IF you ALWAYS want this to be Last Day THEN

Try this...

In TSVB Set Data Time Range Mode to Entire Range

Then on the Actual Dashboards set the The Custom Time Range that you to Last 24 Hours or Last Day etc whatever you want as @jsanz showed you above THEN you will always just get the last N Days

Thanks, I thought there was an easier way to do that.

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