How to send alert to zabbix


I would like to send some event/alert from kibana to zabbix, when machine learning detects critical problem on my services (default APM job, ML can tag services with tag healthy,warning, critical..)

What is the prefered elastic solution to send alert/event to zabbix?


Involves two steps:

  1. Trigger an alert/rule from the ML job: Generating alerts for anomaly detection jobs | Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack [7.15] | Elastic

  2. Configure the connector to an external system: Connectors | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic

I'm not sure if Zabbix can directly take a webhook as an alert input but that could be a possible path. If it cannot, you would just need a small piece of middleware to take an incoming webhook and translate it into whatever input type zabbix wants

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