How to send F5 telemetray data to Elesctic Cloud

Hello Elastic Gurus,

I am trying to send F5 telemetry data to Elsaticcloud. The documents even at Elsaticcloud only points to have a JSON file which points to a HOST via http.
In my case there is no host since I am using Elsaticcloud.

I get a cloud ID (like azure) and a token to send the data to elastic cloud to a specific index. However, the documents I searched do not show how to create a JOSN file to send the logs to Elsaticcloud. .

Any help on this is much appreciated. I am sure i am not the only one sending the logs locally to a machine , but to cloud (not using AWS , which also mentioned in the document to send it an AWS S3 bucket). However, i am trying to send it directly to Elastic cloud where i have a subscription.

This is not how the integrations works, you need to have an Elastic Agent running on a host that you manage to receive the data.

Then on this Elastic Agent you add the F5 integration, this integration will be the HTTP endpoint that you configure your F5 to send the metrics according to the documentation.

On Elastic Cloud you will have only Elasticsearch, Kibana and a Integrations Server, this integration servers can run a Fleet Server to manage your elastic agents or an APM server.

Every other integration that needs to collect or receive data needs to run on an agent hosted somewhere else, this is not managed by Elastic.

Hello Pereira,

Thank you. I thought elastic cloud I could send the data directly.
So wherever I cannot install an Elastic Agent (Eg: F5). I need to have a proxy host (the elastic agent on the host) to send the data to Elastic cloud.

And F5 need to be configured to send the traffic to these host. This is almost the same like we do in house where the logs are sent to log stash .

Thank you for your support.

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