How to send selected field from Kibana to ActiveMQ/application?

Hi Team,

I have few visualizations in my Kibana dashboard where I could see different methods data in linegraph. Eg: 'read','write','readAndWrite' these are all the Java methods for which I've built the line graph with the count of method invocations.

I have a requirement where I want to perform some logic in my Java application if user clicks on any method related line in linegraph in Kibana. Eg: If user clicks on 'read' method related line in Kibana line graph visualization, that clicked method information has to be passed to Java application.

May be if we can save the clicked method name to ActiveMQ, I can read that data from Java application and perform my required logic.

Is it possible to send some data to ActiveMQ from Kibana upon user actions.

I've tried to find help in google but I've found only control options like drop down lists and range selector only in order to filter data with the below link.

Could you please help on this requirement. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

hi @venkata.kodapaka,

that sounds pretty sophisticated, there's no ActiveMQ integration in Kibana, neither is there hooks to respond to user-actions.

The best you could probably do is use a Url-formatter for a field. If a user clicks on e.g. a tooltip with that Url with that field-value passed in as an argument, it can open a page that you have designed which will do the ActiveMQ integration.

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