Kibana use case

Is it possible to do the following through the kibana?

I want to create an IoT dashboard.
The people who use my dashboard are simple users and don't have the ability to work with different filters to form a chart or table from raw or processed data. I want to :

  1. Having different charts so that when the user opens the kibana page, he/she will see the charts. This charts must be created from the Elasticsearch data in the back-end (similar to template engines in java) and user does not have to create them from the Elasticsearch data.

  2. Control my IoT sensors (for example turn on/off) from the kibana dashboard. so I need a websocket connection from the kibana dashboard to my own server.

So, do you think the kibana is suitable for my use case or not?
If the answer is yes, how can I do it?
If the answer is No, can I use the Elasticsearch in my own java code to load data (create chart/tables) in my own dashboard?

hi @JavaDeveloper

I think for (1), yes, this is possible.

It depends what you mean with (2):

Hi @thomasneirynck
Thank you for response.
(1). How can I do it?Please suppose I have a dashboard, so that when user open main page, he/she will see multiple ready chart/tables (I'm using the Thymeleaf server-side template engine, so data passed to html/js files are rendered in the server side).
I think its not possible by the kibana out of the box, and I need to use elasticsearch data manually and create my own html/js files.

wrt Kibana dashboards, I would start with

This will walk you through how to create a custom dashboard and visualizations inside Kibana.

I am not sure about the Thymeleaf part. But if you Kibana can be setup for sharing dashboards as an html-iframe, so you can plug it into your existing pages:

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Thank you so much. I will try it.

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