How to set build-in user password on windows?

(Kwan) #1

I just installed x-pack in Elasticsearch on windows following the document
Now I want to set the password when login es, the doc says that just run

bin/x-pack/setup-passwords interactive

This command seems cannot run in CMD at all
how could I achive the goal to change password?
By the way, does it have a default accout/password when x-pack was installed?
I cannot find it in docs

(Tim Vernum) #2

You can use bin/x-pack/setup-password.bat on windows.

Did you try that?
If it's not working, please post an error message.

(Kwan) #3

Thanks for replying, Tim
Yes,actually I have tried this command you metioned, it print Not an internal or external command
Also I have checked the bin/x-pack directory, there is no such bat file in it

(Tim Vernum) #4

My apologies, that should be


You definitely should have that command.

(system) #5

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