How to set default pipeline even for indices that don't exist yet

Hi all,
I'm using ElasticSearch in AWS. It's the default cluster type that you get for free. It is almost entirely managed automatically. My logs go to cloudwatch, and then a lambda streams my log data into ES. I don't seem to have access to the url that is used to upload the data, so I can't define a pipeline to use in the url. So, I then set the default pipeline for the cloudwatch logs indices using curl. However, I just realized that this only works for indices that already exist. The way that cloudwatch streams its logging events into ES, you get a brand new index every day for the log events that took place that day. That means that even though I set the default pipeline, every day there is a new index, and it doesn't have a pipeline set. Is there a way I can specify that all new indices created with the form "cwl-*" should set their default pipeline to "my-ingest-pipeline"? For instance, is there a default setting I can set at the cluster level instead of the index level? Or maybe something else I'm missing?

I believe you can specify this through an index template.

That's it right there! Thanks so much Christian!

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