How to set the shards of Elasticsearch 5

(andy_zhou) #1

how to set the number of shards about elasticsearch 5.4.2.
ie: 100 nodes ,one node have 6 disk to es .how to set the number fo es index shards.

(Mark Walkom) #2

You need to set that in an index template -

(andy_zhou) #3

yes i know how to set the number,
but i don't know the best number of set the shards .

(andy_zhou) #4

some one can help me.

(David Pilato) #5

Please read

Specifically the "be patient" part.

(David Pilato) #6

Watch this:

(andy_zhou) #7

i need elasticsearch 5.x cluster sizing not 2.x

(David Pilato) #8

Did you watch the video?

(andy_zhou) #9

in my network can't open it.

(David Pilato) #10

That's sad. It contains lot of advices on how to find the right numbers for your use case.
It applies to 5.x and 6.x as well.

(andy_zhou) #11

can give me a word file or pdf file about the video?

(David Pilato) #12


(andy_zhou) #13

also can't open ,can give me a pdf file to down.

(David Pilato) #14

Where are you based?

(andy_zhou) #15

Discuss the Elastic Stack:
can give me a pdf file to down. not the video.

(David Pilato) #16

Where are you based?

Sounds like you are in China.

@medcl could you check and help if possible ?

(andy_zhou) #17

in china.
can you give a video file to down . link mp4.
google can't open

(Medcl) #18

Hi, @zqc0512
Currently we don't host our video inside China, but regarding your question,
there is a good reading, you may check it out first, it is in Chinese:

(andy_zhou) #19

i see,but not the best to me .thanks.
can post a video file to down in @dadoonet
thanks so much

(andy_zhou) #20

some one can help me.