How to setup xpack On elasticsearch-oss-6.5.4

How to setup xpack On elasticsearch-oss-6.5.4,before 6.3 ,we can install xpack by the plugin form,after 6.3,it was installed in basic version by default but not in OSS


Don't install the -oss version if you want to benefit from all the features available within the basic (free) license. Just install the default distribution.

Also, don't install an old version. At least use the latest 6.8 version or better move to 7.13.4.

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I have already use elasticsearch-oss-6.5.4 in production,For safty,what should i do? Upgrade the version ,tranform data from old version to new version by snapshot? Appreciate to receive your reply.

I believe that you could install the standard version then upgrade to 6.8.

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