How to share a Kibana dashboard using permanent link


i am trying to share a kibana dashboard,
I need to know how to share a dashboard in kibana to see it from other machines, whether or not in the network of the machine where kibana is installed

You can use the "Share" button at the top of the dashboard to create shareable links to the dashboard. However, this requires Kibana to be accessible by the client machine.

Alternatively, the Reporting feature can create static PDFs or PNGs of your dashboard which can be sent to anyone without requiring access to Kibana.


how can i do kibana accessible by the client machine? because i cant access kibana by other machine

What configuration should be changed to access kibana from other machines?

In your kibana.yml file, change the parameter to the host's IP address or domain name. By default it is set to localhost which means Kibana can only be accessed by the host machine.

Thank you for your answer

We tried adding the machine ip, but it didnt work, maybe i dont know how to do it propertly.

This is how it is right now. Could you indicate me what to change or what i need to add?

< server.port: 5601 ""

elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://WIN-IQGNF78B55Q:9200"] >

Thank you again

Can you ping the ip address (ping from the client machine? Is the client machine on the same network as the host machine?


The machines are not in the same network, but I can ping the IP addresses from the client machine, the networks of the machines are connected by vpn, and I access the client machines via remote desktop.

Perhaps you need to expose the 5601 port or use port forwarding through your VPN to access the 5601 port that KIbana is running on.

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