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Hello Team,

I have built few kibana dashboards, and I want to share it with my clients. One of my clients is on my network and the other client is not on my network. is it possible for both cases to share dashboards? if yes please let me know how?

I have tried changing in kibana.yml but that didn't help.

Please do help.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

hi @rahulnama,

not sure what you mean with "on my network" and "not on my network". Almost by definition, when the client is not on your network, he won't be able to access any links to your network!

You can share a dashboard by getting a sharing-link (clikc top right, "share"). The URL will have the host configured in If your client has access to that URL, and is not blocked by firewall , he'll be able to paste that URL and go to your dashboard.

Thankyou @thomasneirynck. Still I'm not sure what exactly is. Could you please explain. But, I understand the problem is with as I have not configured it.
As you suggested, I will also make sure URL is not blocked by firewall.

If you are using ELK instance on cloud, it will be even easier to share it via URL. The only thing is to keep in mind is that, you decide whether you are sharing a static picture of that dashboard at the time of sharing, or you share it via URL which has the option of changing itself (aka, being dynamic)

Thanks @emil.mirzayev. Yes, using elastic cloud would make it much easy. but as of now I'm not using it. I want to share static dashboard but what should I configure in Please let me know. Thanks for your time.

@thomasneirynck. Please do suggest me a way to share kibana dashboards.

Thanks for your time.

hi @rahulnama,

the is a setting in the kibana.yml. It needs to match the hostname of where your serving Kibana from.

If I understand correctly you want to give them the raw dashboard ? (Export)

If this is the case you can export your dashboards in the management of your kibana instance look there into saved objects. You will find your dashboards and you can export them in which you select them and click on export, you will get a file which contains all the data in your dashboard (but don´t forget the visualisations/controls, because your client will need them to see it like you)

You can also export everything which includes your searches, visualizations and dashboards.

thank you @PolterFox. I have exported the dashboards as you suggested.

Anyway, @thomasneirynck thank you much for your time and help

I have given access to my kibana by setting :slight_smile:

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