Kibana dashboard sharing with a person who doesn't have kibana

Is it possible to share the kibana dashboard with another person who doesn't have kibana installed in his system ?? If yes, please share the procedure.

thank you.

Kibana dashboards are part of the Elastic stack, they run from a web server on your host. If you want to share the dashboard you would just share the links. If you want to share a specific dashboard you can use the Share link at the top of the dashboard.

--Bryan Vest

Thank you for your quick reply.
I have tried sharing through all the four options (embedded iframe and link options) under both saved dashboard as well as snapshot, but nothing went right. Am i following the correct step or do i have to follow some additional steps to this ??

Please elaborate what you mean by this.

The link which i shared is not opening in the other system. It is showing
"localhost refused to connect.
Search Google for app kibana."

localhost is, by definition, only every accessible locally.

You need to use the IP or domain name of the server that runs Kibana.

what changes should i make in my kibana.yml and
elasticsearch.yml to make my kibana dashboards accessible to remote m/c

Have a look at -

solved the problem.

Thank you for the responses.

Can you share how you solved this?
I have a dashboard on cloud. I created a short url for the dashboard i want to share but others are getting - cannot locate the dashboard

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