How to show '0' in empty cells in heatmap in kibana 7.1.1?

Hello .

I am using heatmap visualization and counts that are 0< are showing as expected ,
however counts that are =0 aren't showing in cells which 0 is the value that I expect to be shown. I am using terms aggregation for x and y axis. Legend displays 0 - 200 so I think 0 should be shown in the cells.


I read below post but solution was not provided so I decided to post my thread.

Is there anyway to show 0 using terms aggregation ?

Yu Watanabe

Hi @YuWatanabe,

There isn't a way that I know of to display 0 in these cells, but it feels like something that might be useful -- perhaps you'd be willing to open an issue for this on Github so we can track it there further?

@lukeelmers Thank you for the comment.

I have created github issue.

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