How to show job count during all the time it was running?

I have index of jobs which run in our system with their start time and total time fields.
How do I show in vertical bars or other form of visual their stat through time, meaning when Kibana count the job when ever it was running. (Meaning from start time + total_time = end_time)
I tried to show it with the suggestion I found here with sum of total_time but it didn't show me the current stat I wanted.
Any suggestions?

I can't see any way of calculating this in Elasticsearch and Kibana.
The only where you could get the expected result would be when you would have a document at the start of the job and another document at the end of the job.You could have a field in each document: "startedfor the start document with the value 1 and "ended for the end document with the value 1 as well.
Then you could do a cumulative sum aggregation on the started, a cumulative sum aggregation on the ended field and then do a diff between them using the Math aggregation in Visual Builder.

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