Need help in a use case

I have an use case to find the comparison between normal day Vs current day in terms of job information. This has to be visualized in Kibana.

The data will have information about Job start time, end time, duration it ran, status ( completed/failed/running).

The requirement is to have information in the same table/visualization

  1. Normal start time
  2. Normal end time
  3. Avg hours of run
  4. Today start time
  5. Today end time

Any ideas how to achieve this.

What does the data look like in elasticsearch? And how are you tracking "normal" times?

Kibana will only let you visualize data that you can aggregate in a single elasticsearch query. Going metric aggs on the sums and average values of the times and bucketing by date is easy enough, but if you need to calculate the "normal" values as part of that aggregation, then you won't be able to this with a single visualization.