How to show pie chart based on different aggregations


I have an doubt on creating pie chart based on different fields?

here the sample query that i'm used in mysql

#1.1 mpn count

select count(Licsensetype_id) as MPNLicsensecount from tbl_softwarelicenseinventory where Licsensetype_id=1 and Year_id=1;

#1.2 volume count

select count(Licsensetype_id) as VolumeLicsensecount from tbl_softwarelicenseinventory where Licsensetype_id=2 and Year_id=1;

here i have two fields to show my count for mpn and volume but in kibana i can't able to select two fields

because, based on the two fields i can able to get the count on mpn and volume

can u people please explain how to do this?


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Hey, I am doing digital marketing work and for this I am responsible to sent result to client on different patters in which one is pie chart and I don't know how to create pie chart exactly. My company is working for touch cleaning services Chicago and for this I have to submit reports and pie charts so may you tell me how to create this pie chart???

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