How to show the metrics of adding two fields through Timelion visualization

There are two fields such as field1, field2. I need to show the time series data of adding two fields. I tried the below scripts in Timelion visualization and it can't work.

.es(index=index_t, metric='field1+field2').label('NewLabel').color(#1E90FF)

Whether some methods can resolve the issue?

hi @hyzhang6639,

I guess there's two answers, depending on what to sum:

to sum two series, you need to use the .sum() function from Timelion. See

it'd be something like


If summing series is not what you want, you may want to use a scripted-field instead. This will allow you to create a script that sums the two fields. See for details.

e.g. suppose we create this scripted field

doc['field'].value +doc['field2'].value

and call it sum_field

You can then use it in your timelion expression

.es(index=index_t, metric='sum_field').label('NewLabel').color(#1E90FF)

Hi @thomasneirynck
Thanks for your response. The scripted field can satisfy my requirement. But it appears that scripted_filed only can be used in Timelion visualization. I can't find the new created scripted fields in other visualization in Kibana. It appears that it can't be referenced in other visualization. May I need additional configuration to use the scripted fields in other visualization?

Hi @thomasneirynck
Thanks for your updates. For examples, I created a new script fields RESPTIME in ES, but I can't see the new script field RESPTIME in the field dropdown list of "Visual Builder" visualization in Kibana. Whether I need some additional configuration to reference this new field in the dropdown list of "Visual Builder" or other visualizations?

Best Regards

Hi @thomasneirynck

I see the similar issue on the below link:

I'm wondering which release can fix this issue?

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