How to show zero value in len

I had a search result which has non-zero per 2 hours. I want to use Lens to show a sawtooth graph per hour(contains both non-zero value and zero value).
May I ask how to configure it? Currently, I got a straight line result:

My queried data:

Please note that I must use "Top values" instead of "Intervals" for breakdown configuration. Otherwise, I will get another error:


Thanks in advance!

Hi @tonyaw

One thing you can do is to configure a Missing value (from the Visual options popover) to use the Zero option, and enforce a 1h date histogram interval.

Thanks for your reply.
Actually, I have tried, but nothing is changed:

Shall I must force the time to be 1h?
Could you please help to check if anything is missed?

Have you configured a minimum interval in the Date histogram dimension?

No change.
BTW. the original value is "Auto(1h)"

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