How to split lines based on a term in Timelion using split() or other?


I am using ELK GA 5.0.0. In my timelion, I am plotting success error ratio. My log contain time, user, and response. Response can be either error or success. My current timelion code is;

.es(index=mylogs-*, q='response:error',metric=count).divide(.es(index=mylogs-*, q='response:success',metric=count).if("eq", 0, .es(index=mylogs-*, q='response:error',metric=count).multiply(-1))).label("Ratio").lines(show=true,width=2).points(show=true,radius=4,fill=9,weight=0).color(#F00)

The code queries for success and error, and finds the ratio. Also, it handles divion by zero.

I want to split the lines using username. That is, the ratio should show for every user. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Should be able to do this with something like .es(split=username:X) where x is the limit of the split.

Hi @Stacey_Gammon ,

Thanks for your reply. Could you tell me where should i place it in my code? I tried;

.es(index=mylogs-*, q='response:error',metric=count,split=username:10).divide(.es(index=mylogs-*, q='response:success',metric=count).if("eq", 0, .es(index=mylogs-*, q='response:error',metric=count).multiply(-1))).label("Ratio").lines(show=true,width=2).points(show=true,radius=4,fill=9,weight=0)

Is this correct? I have another doubt, I want to display username as labels here. Currently, what I can see is 10 lines and all lines have label Ratio. I want to display username there. How can I do this?

I think the .label("ratio") part is overriding all labels to the string "ratio". What does it look like if you get rid of that?

Hi @Stacey_Gammon , the labels looks like;

q:response:error > username.keyword:USER_C > count(84.23)
q:response:error > username.keyword:USER_A > count(35.57)
q:response:error > username.keyword:USER_F > count(20.47)


You can use Regex in your label.

It will be something like:

.label(regex='.* username.keyword:(.*) > .*', label='$1')

Thanks @Nico-DF , it helped :slight_smile:

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