Kibana Timelion Question Split Label More than 1 field

How can I split more than 1 field in the label for Timelion. I have seen multiple post that shows 1 variable as shown in the link below but nothing for 2 or more. Can someone please give me an example that could assist me?


Hi @Gundam_Airline,

You can declare the split parameter multiple times.

In the following example I'm plotting the data in the index kibana_sample_data_logs, splitting first by the 5 top url.keyword and then, by response.keyword:3


The .label regex you mentioned is for breaking down the text

q:* > url.keyword: > response.keyword:404 > count

Into something else.
For instance, if we want to present it as
404 - instead, we need to apply the regex to that text as:

    regex='.* url.keyword:(.*) > response.keyword:(.*) > .*',
    label='$2 - $1'

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