How to split value in different coloum in data table


I am using ELK 7.10v.
I have a use case where I want to show " Total brokerage amout of clients monthly wise." I have 3 fields :- client_id, time and brokerage .

I want my data table to look like this:

  Client_id         01-09-2020   01-10-2020    01-11-2020  -----
12hdhs             18m            20m            44m     -------
df2121              0             20k            10b     -----------
csaf12             2.1b           55m            1.2b    ------------    

kindly help.


How strictly do you need this format? This would normally be considered a pivot table and we don't generally support those in Kibana, but there are two main options:

  1. Line charts can easily do this, for example if you use Lens to construct a line chart you will get the behavior you want.

  2. If you really need this to be a table, you can use the Data Table visualization (not in Lens) and set your Split Chart to be based on a date histogram. This won't be condensed as easily as what you want, but it's close.

Finally, you could use a standard table where each date is a separate row. This gives you the information but is more repetitive.

HI @wylie

  1. My client requirement is in data table.

  2. I have already tried in (Data Table Visualization) by splitting the charts in columns, but it was not giving the exact picture what I want.

Is there any other way to excute this use case in data table?


Hi @wylie

I got a plugin from github Kibana Enhanced Table Plugin.
Enhanced Table Plugin

By using this plugin I can full fill my requirements.
Also I have a question can I use this plugin in a production environment?


That plugin is a popular choice among our users, but we don't officially have any recommendations on it.

Hi @wylie

Thank you for the response, will not use this plugin in production environment.
Hope to see this pivot feature in new version of kibana.


You can track our progress on adding it to Lens here:

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