How to sum the values in the column (bytes) and convert it GB?

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I'm struggling to sum the value in record (bytes) and visualize it in table. Any idea how would i achieve the SUM and converted to GB?



You can't sum keyword fields, they need to be a numeric mapping. You can either re-map the field as a number, or you can use a runtime field to make a temporary copy of the keyword field to use as a number field. Sum aggregation | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic provides somewhat of an example of using a runtime field. Note: this method will be slower than using a natively mapped number field.

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Hello @maskrider1111

Use TSVB option instead of Lens, In TSVB u can choose Options and drop down menu under Data Formatter will be having Bytes. and in parallel column, you can divide or multiply to create GBs/MBs/ or TBs as per requirement

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@maskrider1111 what's the field type for the sentbyte and rcvdbyte? It looks like they are mapped as strings/keywords.

Perhaps a solution I could suggest is to create two runtime field for each of the two, when values are parsed as double (or any numeric type) and then apply a Sum operation in Lens.
The content of the runtime field can be the following:


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