How to take snapshot of one elasticsearch instance and restore into another instance

hello, Everyone,

I am trying to take a snapshot of an elasticsearch instance and restore on another elasticsearch instance

for that, I followed the standard steps

  • elastic_01 and elastic_02 have this folder "/elasticsearch_backup/es-backups/".
  • set path.repo in .yml with above folder path
  • verified elastic_01 and elatic_02 versions same or match.
  • created the repository and snapshot on both instances

Now, I want the elastic_01 snapshot to be restored on elastic_02

So I deleted the content of the elastic_02 folder and paste elastic_01 content.
and the problem is when I want to restore in elastic_02 it doesn't show any snapshot in Kibana UI and when checked in the dev tool it shows there is no snapshot with the same name exist.

Please help me to solve it out !!

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