How to transform indexed fields that appear in UTF-8 to unicode?

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were using Bro IDS with elastic-search and kafka. however some indexed fields are in arabic but they appear in a utf-8 format like this.

التعيين - إدارة الإختيار والتعيين

is there way for elasticsearch to transform these fields once indexed into a unicode arabic readable fields?


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This sounds like an encoding issue outside of Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch expects its input to be correctly encoded, and the JSON spec demands JSON to be encoded in UTF-8. It's possible to encode Arabic text just fine in UTF-8, but the system that's putting data into Elasticsearch isn't doing so. For instance I can create a document that looks like this (encoded as UTF-8):


In general it's not possible to fix badly-encoded strings (and I don't recognise the encoding bug here so can't say if this particular one is fixable). You're better off avoiding the problem by correctly encoding the data on the way in.

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