Exporting Kibana report to CSV in UTF-8


Is there any solution to exporting CSV in UTF-8?

My client have problems with Hebrew characters. He can not use external converting tools, as I suggested to him. Is there a way to configure UTF-8 in the kibana.yml or somewhere else?

I saw many questions like this, but found no answers.

Thank you

Hey @nati,

CSVs are already exported using UTF-8, so I wonder if the data is not encoded correctly before it gets indexed into Elasticsearch. How does it get indexed?

Does the data look correct if viewed elsewhere in Kibana, e.g. in Discover or using GET <index_name>/_search in the Dev console?

Hey Brian,
Yes it looks correct on the Dev console and anywhere else.
The same data is insert also to Oracle DB and it is correct there also.
I have this situation in 2 different companies.
If I open the file in some app like Notepad++ or Excel
and use - convert to UTF-8 BOM, it fixes it.

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